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How to do white hat seo?

Faiz Pearson
Faiz Pearson
2 years ago 1104 Views

Hello! Can you tell me about white hat seo?

How to do white hat seo? Answers

  • Webrures
    Webrures 22 September 2020 at 22:46

    White SEO is a set of measures approved by search engines to keep a site at the top of search results. By and large, search engine optimization is white seo, but due to the unfair use of optimization measures, you have to divide it into black and white.

    The main difference between white and black SEO is that all actions performed on the site are not prohibited. And black seo is too frequent and incorrect use of white methods. For example, it does not use invisible links and invisible text (one pixel size and / or colorless text).

    White SEO is encouraged by search engines. The main features of white SEO:

    Your own content (promotion by articles)
    Inline links
    Anchor links
    Placement and filled meta tags
    Arrange headings
    Links to the optimized resource
    Sitemap creation

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