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How to enhance seo?

Maeve Wharton
Maeve Wharton
2 years ago 1073 Views

Hello! How to make my website promotion better? What should I learn of SEO?

How to enhance seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 22 September 2020 at 23:06

    Hello! Creation of sites with a guarantee of promotion to the TOP is our priority task

    1. BACKLINKS continue to be an important factor that affects the search positions of the site, despite the change in ranking algorithms. However, it is better to get 20 links from 20 different sites on a relevant topic than 20 from one site.

    2. AUTHORITY OF THE RESOURCE, from which links to your site go, also directly affects the ranking. In this case, the authority of the site and its relevance (coincidence of subject matter) are more important than the authority of the referring page.

    3. RELEVANT CONTENT, which is focused on in-depth disclosure of the topic, significantly helps to raise the search position of the site. Deep thematic content is guaranteed to improve your ranking in search results.

    4. BIG CONTENT has a higher ranking advantage than shorter content. The first page of search results contains pages with a text length of 1800 words or more. Remember it’s important to use your keyword phrase in your H1 and title and URL tags.

    5. HTTPS – the data transfer protocol has recently become quite a significant influence on the ranking of sites in Google. Most likely, Yandex will also adopt this algorithm in the near future. So, if you plan to order the development of a website, it is advisable to immediately use the HTTPS protocol when creating it.

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