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How to fix my SEO Issues?

Pauline Patrick
Pauline Patrick
1 year ago 861 Views

Hello! How to fix my SEO fastly?

How to fix my SEO Issues? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 26 September 2020 at 00:45

    According to Google employees, in particular the former chief of the quality department of search results and another representative of the same team, user metrics still affect the final result. Many Google patents cite user behaviour as a factor. Google owns a patent describing changes to search results. At the heart of this mechanism are features that are imperceptible at first glance regarding user actions. Quote: “User reaction to search results or listings with results can be measured, and links that users click on more often get higher rankings.”

    The results of many experiments indicate that user metrics directly affect the results (in this regard, the initiative of Rand Fishkin of Moz, who asked his followers on Twitter to temporarily improve the ranking of a certain link) is indicative.

    Google appears to rate and rank content based on three types of user metrics:

    Click-through is the ratio of clicks to impressions.
    Dwell time – how long users spend on a site after clicking on a link on a search results page.
    “Pogo-sticking” – This term (“grasshopper”) refers to the situation when users return back to the search results (presumably because the results obtained were inconclusive and they did not find what they were looking for).
    In addition, there is evidence that the high efficiency of clicks and time spent on the site page also affects the ranking of other pages of the web resource.

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