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How to improve my website SEO?

Sofia Postlewait
Sofia Postlewait
2 years ago 482 Views

How do I make my own website SEO? Will simple tactics work for SEO?

How to improve my website SEO? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 05 March 2020 at 18:13

    Hello Sofia,

    Of course, you can do SEO work for your own website. SEO experts approach professionally, make strategic plans and make necessary arrangements for your site. But of course, not everyone may want to work with an SEO expert. In this case, there are areas where everyone can make simple adjustments through their website admin panel.

    Some of the arrangements you can make for your own website;

    1- Title Tag: You can revise the title tags of all your pages throughout your website. You know the title tag is a very important topic both by Google bots and by the user. This is the area that tells you exactly what your page is about.

    2- Description Tag: You can think of it as a short summary of your pages. In order to attract the user to your page, you need to write a short description containing your keyword.

    3- Heading Tag: It is the way of specifying the subtitles of your page to Google bots according to the keywords you are targeting.

    In addition, your website must have robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. The robots.txt file is the first field where Google bots start crawling a site. After the process of scanning the robots.txt file into which you have added the link of your sitemap.xml file, it will start scanning your sitemap.xml file.

    You must have 200 URL addresses on your sitemap. In no way should there be pages that give 404 error.

    These are the arrangements that I can recommend to you in the first place. I am sure that you will start to see the effect slowly even after making the simplest edits.

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