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How to increase seo for blog?

Maisy Spence
Maisy Spence
1 year ago 742 Views

Hello! I would like to increase seo for blog, how can I do it?

How to increase seo for blog? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 09 September 2020 at 14:32

    There are several ways, let’s talk about one.
    Optimizing blog posts is not about using as many keywords as possible in your text. On the contrary, you shouldn’t do that: search engines read these keys and put the site down in the search results. Basically, this method is gray-haired SEO. Search engines prioritize messages by making sure that the text matches the intent and requests of the visitors. Therefore, it is important to use keywords in the text so that it looks organic and logical.

    In practice, this rule of thumb works well: focus on 1-2 long tail keywords for every blog post. Why exactly they? Longer question-based keys focus on audience goals. For example, the phrase “how to write a blog post” is much more effective from an SEO standpoint than the short query “blog post”.

    Users who have searched for an answer to a long query are more likely to open a post where they find an exact mention of it. And in case of lack of information, additional information will be requested. In other words, advanced queries will help you generate the right type of traffic – leads.

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