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How to manage my business online reputation?

Steven Rosario
Steven Rosario
2 years ago 212 Views

Hi , how can i get a better business online reputation and how can i manage my business online reputation?

How to manage my business online reputation? Answers

  • Sinan Donmez
    Sinan Donmez 20 March 2020 at 17:30

    Today, many consumers spend considerable time on the internet and social platforms. Companies that adapt to this are actively taking part in the internet and social platforms.

    The interactions (liking, commenting and sharing) of companies, existing on the internet and social platforms with their potential customers, brought up the concept of “online reputation management”. Online reputation management, monitoring companies’ products and their comments on the internet and social platforms; It includes ways to respond to negative comments and complaints in a timely manner. And thanks to this concept, companies can learn and apply the techniques of managing ‘online reputation’, which are important in the branding process.

    Here are important tips that you can use while managing the reputation of your online agency on the Internet.

    The website of your online agency is one of the most important communication channels in online reputation management. Therefore, when creating content on your site; We suggest you choose the keywords that internet users can use in their searches and include quality content they want to share.

    About your online agency; You can create content that can turn negative comments into positive and publish them on your website. In this way, even if the users came to your site by reading the negative comments in the search results; they can get a positive impression of your agency.

    SEO and SEM
    Internet users research the internet with search engines before purchasing any product / service. The fact that users encounter any negative comments on the first page of Google may cause them to give up the purchase decision; it can damage the company’s reputation. Therefore; With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), the results on the first page can be controlled and negative comments can be shifted to the next pages.
    Social media
    The nature of social media that requires being “transparent”; it may require you to think thoroughly before getting involved in social media. Similarly, if you do not have enough time and resources, we do not recommend creating a profile on social media. Because in terms of reputation management, you should never participate in social platforms; it might make more sense than not being able to participate and manage your reputation. On the other hand, it is also beneficial to be active in every platform where your existing and potential customers are located.

    You can prevent any negativity in social media that may shake your reputation with the trainings you will receive on the subject. For this purpose, before experiencing any “reputational crisis”; It is very useful for your online agency employees to receive training on “general social media reputation management and approaches” and “crisis management”.

    Online communication
    You can contribute to your reputation by highlighting positive comments about your online agency on the Internet. In the face of negative comments; You can give an ‘original’ answer by talking about your efforts to compensate for this negativity and a related success. Since the biggest mistake you will make at this stage will be unresponsive, you should avoid this. In addition, it will be beneficial to increase your reputation by communicating correctly on the channels your customers use for reservation.

    It may be more beneficial to use basic approaches in online reputation management by integrating them with all communication tools in the digital branding process. By using all digital marketing tools, HotelRunner supports you to manage your sales channels most effectively and increase your reservations.

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