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How to rank high in seo?

Callen Booth
Callen Booth
2 years ago 1656 Views

Hello! I would like to rank my website high in SEO, what are the ways to do it?

How to rank high in seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 08 October 2020 at 17:20

    Hello! In order for the site to meet the requirements of the search engine, it is necessary to carry out a whole range of measures to optimize the internal component of the site, as well as to ensure high citation of the resource by external sources. Search engines rank sites based on 3 main factors:

    internal content – quality and uniqueness of texts, quality of program code, semantics of markup, speed of work, user-friendliness of the interface (including mobile), updatability, etc.

    external factors – the presence of links to the site from other resources, their text, thematicity, age, placement, clicks of real users, links in social networks and related social activity, as well as much more

    behavioral factors – direct user activity on the site: viewing depth, time spent on the site, the number of “bounces”, the share of loyal audience, return rates back to search, other sources of referrals to the site, and so on.

    The key point in search promotion is regular filling it with high-quality content – this is the most important part of site promotion, since it is the content of the site that is of interest to the end user, and the search engines “see” the development of the web resource. A large amount of text content allows you to “collect” treasure for low-frequency queries, and the systematic increase in the amount of unique content on the site increases the trust of search engines.

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