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How to rank nationally seo?

Koa Tran
Koa Tran
2 years ago 1034 Views

Hello! I would like to rank nationally seo, what are ways to do it?

How to rank nationally seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 28 September 2020 at 12:48

    Hello! Regional SEO is a type of online advertising aimed at optimizing a website for impressions based on regional queries (goods or services that are sold in a certain area, city or region).

    Regional promotion is characterized by low competition compared to large cities. Successful website promotion in the regions using the same list of requests is possible with a much lower budget. In fact, the level of competition is directly proportional to the city’s population. Assessing this level on demand allows you to predict how much effort and time it will take to achieve the desired result. The higher the competition for queries in the topic, the more difficult and longer it is to break into the TOP.

    The use of geo-dependent queries is the basis of regional website promotion. These are requests, the text of which does not indicate a specific city, but it is assumed that the user expects to receive regional information. For example, “order sushi”, “buy a sofa” are geo-dependent queries; and “sushi recipe”, “how to choose a sofa” are geo-independent. The overwhelming majority of commercial queries (that is, those related to the need for a purchase) are geo-dependent.

    Google search engines determine the city of a web resource automatically, based on the contact information of the organization, information from their directories and maps, as well as from the content of the site.

    You can promote a resource in one city or in several.

    For companies with an affiliate in only one (non-capital) region, SEO will differ in lower cost of requests due to low competition.

    For large companies with branches in different cities, there are the following SEO promotion options:

    Promotion on subdomains.

    Promotion of site sections.

    Promotion in the region.

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