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How to write a seo friendly article?

Angela Bright
Angela Bright
1 year ago 507 Views

Hello! I would like to work as an SEO copywriter, but no idea how to start. Could you give me some advice?

How to write a seo friendly article? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 08 October 2020 at 14:45

    Hello! SEO texts differ from ordinary ones: they are written not only for users, but also for search engine robots so that the site is successfully ranked and occupies leading positions in the search results.

    To get into the TOP, the text on the site must have the following properties:

    • be understandable and easy to read;
    • contain complete, reliable and useful information for the target audience;
    • be literate, without stylistic and spelling errors;
    • be distinguished by good structure: the presence of sections, headings, paragraphs and lists;
    • be long enough, about 2000 characters or more. However, it is worth focusing primarily on the articles of competitors on this topic and common sense – the description of a simple pencil and a smartphone in an online store cannot have the same length;
    • graphic elements that are added to the article must contain explanatory text with keywords, written in the “alt” attribute of the tag;
    • contain a sufficient, but not an excessive amount of the necessary keywords in the article itself, as well as in the meta tags and headings;

    SEO copywriting should start by finding suitable topics. If the site is commercial, then a semantic core is preliminarily created, which includes all relevant requests for promotion. Then, semantics are clustered to select those keywords that will be promoted on one page.

    For example, for an online store selling mirrors for cars, the following queries are added to the page of the corresponding section: “buy-side rear-view mirrors”, “buy-side mirrors”, “buy mirrors for cars”, etc.

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