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How to write an seo optimized blog post?

Johanna Lime
Johanna Lime
2 years ago 981 Views

Hello! I would like to write an SEO optimized blog post, how should I do it?

How to write an seo optimized blog post? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 23 October 2020 at 12:04

    Seo text is text optimized for a specific search query or a group of related user queries. Its main goal is to raise the site’s position in the search engine results for these phrases. However, this does not mean that such text is intended only for robots, its content should be, first of all, interesting and useful for site visitors.
    What does text optimization give:

    Relevance (correspondence) of a page to search phrases – helps search engines understand for what queries of users they need to rank to give a page in search results. Thanks to this, interested users come to the blog (relevant traffic), and, therefore, its traffic increases.
    Improvement of behavioral indicators on the blog, such as time and depth of page views, number of bounces, conversions – users find the information or product / service they were looking for, which means they spend more time on the site and can make a purchase.
    Thus, well-optimized text is able to attract additional traffic to the site (especially low-frequency) and indirectly affects its conversion, for example, in the form of calls and requests for goods or services.

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