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How to write seo content articles?

Nana Richman
Nana Richman
1 year ago 730 Views

Hello! Is it easy to write seo content articles?

How to write seo content articles? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 23 October 2020 at 12:10

    1. To optimize the site, it is necessary to write texts for people, occasionally inserting key queries so that the readability of the text does not fall, but on the contrary, makes you even more interested.
    2. The heading of the text in the H1 tag should contain the most frequent key request. For example, it is correct – “Women’s clothing”. Wrong – “Buy women’s clothing in Kiev.”
    3. It is possible to highlight keywords with the strong tag, but this is necessary for a positive perception of the text, no more than three times per text of 3000 characters.
    4. The size of the text in characters should ideally be from 2000 characters without spaces.
    5. It makes no sense to use keywords that are not supported by the products on the site or services. Don’t post about something that the user cannot find on the landing page.
    6. Do not exaggerate too much the importance of something. Write as it is, you can slightly embellish.
    7. Do not use keywords often, otherwise you can fall under the spam filter. Do not repeat yourself, look for synonyms and close word forms.
    8. Look at what texts your main competitor has and do better.
    9. If possible, write articles about your product and services, making links within SEO texts to interesting and thematic articles.
    10. Use only readable and well-understood fonts, spacing, remember to break the text into paragraphs of three to four sentences. 11. Get interested, try to sell a product or service in text, outline the pros without noticing the cons.

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