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How voice search will affect the SEO?

Immanuel Henson
Immanuel Henson
2 years ago 556 Views

How should I do an SEO strategy for voice search? What is the difference of voice dialing from other kinds of calls? What strategies do you develop against voice calls?

How voice search will affect the SEO? Answers

  • Philip Sarri
    Philip Sarri 01 March 2020 at 20:54

    Google’s voice search feature activated by the microphone icon in the search area. SEO strategies need to be organized according to the voice search feature, which is quite simple to use. To do this, you must first optimize your local pages. For example, searches performed using Google Now, or Google voice search also appear on local business pages. Searches in which users make particular statements need to be directly associated with the pages. Besides, to reach users using Google Voice Search, you should avoid focusing on individual keywords. It is essential to use keywords such as pizza or shoes words New cheapest shoes, nearest pizzeria. Another point to look out for Google Voice Search is to guess how people are talking and what they’re thinking. Because this feature allows users to search according to the way they talk.

  • Webtures
    Webtures 26 February 2020 at 16:45

    One of the trending topics of 2020 is that voice calls increase day by day and you can increase the number of users coming to your site with the actions to be taken on this side. Since the vast majority of voice calls are question-based, your content should include question and answer structures. In addition to the Frequently Asked Questions field on your pages, you can also get traffic from voice calls.
    Featured Snippet, which has been at the forefront recently, will contribute to your success in SEO by ranking in the zeroth rankings. Because Google lists the content that it deems most useful to the user in the related search in the zeroth order. The vast majority of the sites included here are clicked by users. With these pages you have created according to the needs of the user, you should aim to ensure that the user completes his search without logging into competitor sites.
    With the increasing interest in audio content day by day, we can state that podcast content is also in demand by users.

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