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Is SEO connected to PPC?

Somerset Driscoll
Somerset Driscoll
3 years ago 689 Views

What are the differences between PPC and CPC? Is PPC related to SEO?

Is SEO connected to PPC? Answers

  • Elif Nur Kasapoğlu
    Elif Nur Kasapoğlu 10 March 2020 at 10:58


    An internet advertising term used by Google AdWords and other cost-per-click systems. In Internet advertising, it is just a method name of payment types. It means that ads are costed when clicked, and there is no charge for the impression. It reflects the amount paid by the advertiser when clicked on an internet ad. It has no fixed value. The advertised platform gains unit cost as a result of different values ​​such as advertising content. Another advertising model is Cost Per Thousand Impressions.

    It is not a term directly related to SEO. Private websites and 3rd party websites, especially search engine advertising, use the costing method with PPC / CPC.

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