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Is there SEO for YouTube?

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Does SEO apply to youtube? If applicable, how is SEO implemented on youtube?

Is there SEO for YouTube? Answers

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    Webtures 20 February 2020 at 11:26

    Yes, you can do SEO for Youtube. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is one of the most important channels you can evaluate in your brand’s digital marketing.

    There is something we always say about search engines; “Up-to-date and quality content saves lives”. This applies to every search engine. With its unique content, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

    Yes, the world’s second largest search engine is Youtube. It is one of the digital marketing channels that will enable you to reach your target audience.

    To begin with, we can say that the most basic known YouTube SEO optimization is your target word in the title and description. But there are many factors, not only these.

    Successful Content and Indicators on YouTube

    Statistics of the content featured in YouTube search;

    • Watch time: how much a viewer watched the video
    • Keywords: Shows relevance to search queries
    • Subscribers: A channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers outperforms a channel with 15 subscribers. This shows that he has authority on a certain subject and can be trusted by users.
    • Interaction: Likes, dislikes, and comments are important factors for YouTube, Google and other search engines to determine that a video is more viewable and more discoverable.
    • Video length: The content on YouTube should not be too long. Users should be interested in the content and get the value they expect from it.

    The Best Optimized Youtube Video;

    • To be relevant to the user and / or their search query, to match,
    • Includes related keywords,
    • Being able to engage users in a way that they can watch most of them,
    • It includes a clear call to action message,
    • It should contain at least one link that redirects to relevant pages for more information and content.

    Youtube Optimization Steps

    Youtube Keyword Research

    The YouTube SEO optimization process begins with keyword research. That’s why we asked you to understand this concept before explaining the ranking factors. You need to find the right words for your videos.
    The keyword tool is keywordtool.io/youtube. You can also discover keywords with this tool. The other source where you can find keywords shows the search trends of Google trends on the right after searching the same app on YouTube. You can see the related searches here.

    Video Titles

    The basic YouTube SEO suggestion is that your keyword appears in the title.

    Video Descriptions

    Video descriptions are the most important criteria for YouTube SEO after video titles.

    Tips for video descriptions;

    • Pass your target word in the first 120 characters.
    • Make the description at least 250 words.
    • Include broad and exact match in video descriptions.

    Post a Quality Video

    Some tips for a quality video;

    • Starting with explaining the video subject
    • Switch directly to the topic
    • Using open ended words

    Video Clip Art (Thumbnail – Video Cover Image)

    • For this you will need to choose an attractive picture and image related to your video. In other words, to engage users, you will need to select a photo or thumbnail image that can bring more views with the potential of clicking when searched.
    • Never use visual unrelated to content to deceive users,
    • The images you use should be original and absolutely no copyright infringement should be made.


    You can drop the tags like your keywords. By writing the words people can search in this section, you can get more feedbacks like viewing / liking. When writing the tags, do not repeat the same word we call spam. We also suggest that you do not enter words that are not relevant to the video.

    YouTube continues its life as the largest visual memory of the Internet world and the second largest search engine. You should be successful in this platform by making optimizations.

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