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Is video good for seo?

Anna Kihman
Anna Kihman
1 year ago 514 Views

Why is having videos becoming more and more important for SEO?

Is video good for seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 15 October 2020 at 11:06

    Hello! Currently, search engines pay a lot of attention to behavioural ranking factors:

      the number of pages per session;
      time of viewing individual pages;
      bounce rate, etc.
      With the help of videos, you can positively influence these internal factors: the duration of visits is automatically increased, the percentage of refusals is reduced.

    Videos on site pages can be placed in two ways: on your own hosting, or by inserting frames from large video hosting sites, such as Youtube.

    Publishing a video on Youtube has a number of positives:

    • large user coverage;
    • getting natural links to the site;
    • Google gives preference to this hosting.

    The first place to start is setting the heading. It should not only contain the key phrase, but also be interesting to the user. In addition, it must match the content of the video. No search engine recognizes video footage as relevant if its title and content are not related in any way. The video description must also be filled out using search phrases.

    These measures will allow you to rank well in the internal YouTube search and increase the number of video views, which may also affect the site traffic.

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