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Safari problem with secure connection

Clemente Babbs
Clemente Babbs
1 year ago 507 Views

Hello there. I’m a safari user. On some websites I’m trying to enter, I often get “link not secure” alerts. What is the reason of this?

Safari problem with secure connection Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 27 February 2020 at 18:14

    It happens that Safari could not establish a secure connection. When weak encryption is detected, Safari is disconnected instantly. However, as we all know for our privacy and security, websites must be combined with strong encryption in order to establish a web connection unconditionally. This is particularly emphasized after the efforts of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.4 are supported by extra security enhancements. So, when weak encryption is met, Safari will not be able to connect. If Safari cannot establish a secure connection to the server in this way, an error occurs.

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