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Website does not show up in google search

Federico Richard
Federico Richard
2 years ago 603 Views

I made a new website. But I have a serious problem. My website does not appear on Google. How do I fix this?

Website does not show up in google search Answers

  • Noah Mckenzie
    Noah Mckenzie 04 May 2021 at 17:20

    Check if the site has been indexed:
    To check if your site has been indexed by search engines, enter “site:” followed by your site’s domain name without spaces, for example, site: webtures.com. If any of your domain’s pages appear in search results, those pages are indexed. If there are no results for your domain, then your site has not been indexed yet.
    Make sure you allow search engines to crawl your site.
    It may take Google and other search engines a while to index your site. To get your site indexed faster, use the SEO Wizard as described below.
    Search engines can only crawl your site’s published content. Therefore, always be sure to post your site after making any changes or edits.

  • Elif Nur Kasapoğlu
    Elif Nur Kasapoğlu 10 March 2020 at 10:28


    If your website does not show up in google search, you should check if the website is available for crawling from the robots.txt file.
    Homepage, category pages and all other pages should be open to bots, you should note that there is no Noindex scanning code.
    Another option is that you may have encountered a blocking on the server side, you should check the server settings.

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