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What are the advantages of e commerce?

Subhaan Childs
Subhaan Childs
1 year ago 180 Views

Hello, I wonder What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce? What are the Requirements to Start e-commerce? Can you inform me a little about e commerce?

What are the advantages of e commerce? Answers

  • Rueben Ho
    Rueben Ho 04 September 2020 at 00:01

    We all know that internet usage has increased in recent years thanks to our easy access to the internet from all the tools we have. Due to the increase in internet usage, internet related businesses started to gain momentum. One of them is e-commerce. The e-commerce system is growing day by day and its growth rate is increasing. When e-commerce stores, which most people can easily access even from their smartphones, started to attract attention, companies and freelancers started to turn to the e-commerce system. The e-commerce system, which has great advantages for people dealing with trade, is now used by freelancers. So what is e-commerce and what are its advantages?
    Despite all this, both customers and store owners may experience uncertainty about whether to enter e-commerce or not. Especially sellers may hesitate about how permanent the e-commerce system is, what the costs are and how much advantage it will provide.
    What is e-commerce?
    With the widespread and frequent use of the internet, commerce is made on the internet through some online systems. This new type of commerce is called electronic commerce, or e-commerce for short. With e-commerce, vendors or service providers meet their customers much more easily. With this system, it provides a great advantage to the seller, as customers can look at the store and products from wherever they want. With e-commerce stores, you can reach countless customers online with less cost. So much so that even a distant customer who has no access to your local store has the opportunity to get to know your company and store.
    Advantages of e-commerce
    Sellers have the opportunity to reach more customers in a shorter time.
    It provides the opportunity to serve customers with a store that is always accessible and open around the clock.
    Since there is no shortage of space, the customer can be served with more product variety.
    The descriptions of the products can be made in a detailed and descriptive way.
    You can add products to your store and sell them without stocking.
    It provides the opportunity to make your brand a worldwide brand.
    Expenses created by the real store such as warehouse, rent, stock are not available in online merchandising.
    Disadvantages of e-commerce
    Since there is no face-to-face meeting with the customer, one-to-one communication between the seller and the customer may not be established.
    Since customers buy products without seeing them in online shopping, the return rate may be higher than real stores.
    Customers can compare online more easily with other e-commerce stores.
    Cargo-related problems may arise during online shopping.

    Although the e-commerce system has some disadvantages, it has been preferred by most people due to its advantages. The e-commerce sector continues to grow day by day due to the fact that companies are warm and interested in the e-commerce sector.
    Essentials to Start E-commerce
    If you have decided to start the e-commerce business after finding the answer to the question of what is e-commerce and revealing its pros and cons, you may think that you are at the last stage and you can start making money in a short time. However, we have to say that there are some steps to be taken for an e-commerce initiative, as in every business line. Because many people still see e-commerce as a way to generate income in a shortcut.

    But e-commerce is nothing more than a line of business where traditional commerce is adapted to the needs of the modern world. This means that, as in all other initiatives, time should be devoted to the e-commerce business, and care should be taken to make the work suitable for customer expectations.
    An Official Company
    First of all, we need to state that e-commerce companies must be a real company in order to operate. If you have a commercial company established before, you can continue the activities of your company through your e-commerce site.
    A Reliable E-commerce Software
    After opening your company, you can move on to the next step to start selling and get ready to open your online store with an e-commerce software that can meet the needs of your customers. You can get support from expert e-commerce platforms and start your e-commerce activities in a very short time by choosing a suitable e-commerce package for you. On the other hand, by working with a software developer, it is possible to develop an e-commerce software specific to your company.
    Payment methods
    Your e-commerce software and company will make no sense for your customers without payment facilities. For the payment phase, which is one of the most critical items of e-commerce, you will need to agree with payment platforms and integrate the payment options your customers will prefer to your e-commerce site. Only then can you expect your customers to complete the shopping process.

    Customer Support
    For the continuity of your success in your e-commerce business, it is important to be able to respond to your customers’ problems quickly and with the right approach. In this direction, having a customer support system and establishing a customer support team consisting of solution-oriented people will make your job easier. On the other hand, it is also possible to meet the needs and expectations of your customers more easily by using software that makes it possible to make the customer support process practical.

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