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What are the most important SEO factors?

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What are the most important factors in SEO? What should be considered in seo?

What are the most important SEO factors? Answers

  • Nicky Mccarthy
    Nicky Mccarthy 20 February 2020 at 17:56


    There are about 200 criteria in SEO studies. We can mention the most important SEO factors:
    Note that the website should be indexed.
    We should check for blocking on the -robots.txt side;
    We must design the sitemap correctly;
    We need to understand the industry well and create the right word strategy;
    In addition to being indexable, we must also make sure that the site is crawlable;
    We should plan the connection setup on the site correctly, we should direct the user and the bot to the right pages;
    Page speed should be high;
    Mobile compatibility of the site is some of the most important criteria.

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