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What are the most important SEO ranking factors?

Christy Shipway
Christy Shipway
2 years ago 474 Views

What are the top ranking factors for SEO? What should we pay attention to most?

What are the most important SEO ranking factors? Answers

  • Coby Hawkins
    Coby Hawkins 20 February 2020 at 20:45

    What are the most important SEO ranking factors?
    Visitor behavior (User experience)
    User interaction becomes more important with each passing year. If the content entered is at a level that will satisfy the visitor, this will return to you as a seo success. Therefore, you should put yourself in the user place while creating the content. We can call this a kind of reading intent. While doing these, you should answer the following questions.

    Which sentence or word would I search if I was? And can users find what they’re looking for in the article?
    What do I want to see in the content quickly?
    What is the main purpose of the visitor in this search?
    What are the basic information required in the content.
    Can we explain what the visitor will have difficulty with visual items?
    Bounce rate
    Time to stay on page (Time on site)
    Total page visits per session (Pages Per Session)
    Direct site visits
    Visitors referencing your site
    Negative situations should be eliminated by analyzing the circulation rate of sub-pages.

    Content length and quality!
    Search engines and primarily google still regard content as one of the biggest ranking factors. This is a natural result because the main thing that expresses value for both users and search engines is content.

    Take advantage of the https (SSL) effect
    You can read about https and seo before. In short, let’s just say that google and other search engines now see the SSL certificate as a valuable seo factor that affects ranking.

    Optimizing page speed
    Manual description of the description (Meta Description) in a unique way
    Beautiful determination of the page title (Meta Title)
    Keyword included in the title
    H1 and H2 tags (Heading Tag)
    Video enrichment
    Including the keyword in url
    Creating content with a fluent writing technique
    Original images that do not bother the visitor
    Using sufficient keywords in the content
    Using LSI keywords in accordance with Semantic Seo rules in the content
    Using video in the articles.

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