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What are the Online Reputation Managament tools?

Saira Albert
Saira Albert
2 years ago 197 Views

Hello , What does it mean ORS? What are the ORM tools? Can you answer me please?

What are the Online Reputation Managament tools? Answers

  • Sinan Donmez
    Sinan Donmez 20 March 2020 at 17:28

    Why Online Reputation Management is Necessary?

    Corporate and online reputation management has become compulsory with the advancement of technology and innovations, with the promotion, sale, and service of products, brands, brands in the online channels of the changing business world. Today, people, institutions and brands are promoting, presenting and selling to a huge audience in online channels. The response of these actions is evaluated by the customers who receive the service or product. These evaluations are made on the developing social media and websites and shared at the same time.

    Traditional customer relations can no longer meet the interaction that takes place in digital channels, a huge field. Social CRM is now replacing this. And it is improving. Online reputation management with the support of Social CRM is now an imperative for following and evaluating positive or negative comments about people and institutions offering products, services in developing and growing online channels.

    What is Social CRM?

    In Social CRM, errors in product, service and brand promotion, measurement of customer satisfaction, inability to reach the targeted audience, control whether the product provides the desired benefit, satisfaction status, reasons for negative comments, detection of potentially malicious comments are important and valuable information.

    In the light of this information, individuals, institutions and brands should quickly evaluate and produce solutions using the necessary tools. Because the comments that customers can share without any supervision of the users can provide serious benefit to the institutions and brands, as well as damaging the online reputation in negative comments, both financially and morally.

    How is Online Reputation Management Done?

    Strengthen your online reputation with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
    Today, approximately 80% of customers looking for a good or service do research on the Internet, and they mostly do this with the help of search engines.
    Optimize the content of your website.
    Your website is very important and valuable in recognizing the product, service and brand.
    Always use social media actively and effectively.
    Today, Social Media is a very common and affecting medium. Person, institution and brand promotion can be developed and renewed. Positive and negative evaluations, taking into account suggestions
    Healing steps can be taken. Negative comments can be changed.
    Strengthen your online image with digital PR.
    Follow yourself in the online channel. Provide news and information about yourself.
    Measure and analyze using the data collected.
    Do competitive analysis.
    Use relevant employees correctly.
    Plan an intervention and action in the event of a sudden crisis in the online channel.
    Consult legal remedies for unfounded, lies, news and content. What are Online Reputation Management Tools?

    Awario: Watch what people are saying about your brand on social media and the web, and identify trends with Sentiment Analysis and powerful analytics.

    Reputology: Track and manage your local business’s online reviews in real time.

    GoFish: Digital complaint search: Search over 40 complaint websites for negative reviews of your business.

    Crisis management

    One of the most important duties of corporate communication and reputation is crisis management. It is essential to prepare a reputation management plan and crisis management scenarios for all institutions that aim to maintain their existence or keep their current reputation at the highest possible level. As such, these two terms seem to always be included in the key performance indicators of digital age companies.

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