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What is an seo agency?

Olsen Wert
Olsen Wert
1 year ago 670 Views

Hello! Could you explain what is an SEO agency?

What is an seo agency? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 06 October 2020 at 14:49

    Hello! When choosing an online agency, I recommend using a simple algorithm:
    Prioritize correctly;
    Check candidates;
    Choose a favourite and sign a contract.
    By following this algorithm, you will significantly reduce risks and get rid of prejudices. After all, if you do not yet have sufficient experience of interacting with Internet agencies, then you evaluate them according to the criteria dictated by the marketer. I suggest that you become more objective by looking at the situation from the point of view of their business.

    Step number 1: we define priorities correctly.

    Before choosing an agency, outline the criteria that will guide you when making decisions. Take your time, mistakes at this stage will cost you dearly. If you ask you to write down these criteria now, you will likely end up with something like this:

    1. Price:

    2. Forecasts;

    3. Warranties;

    4. Experience;

    5. Performers;

    6. Plan.

    I conducted research, and in my workshops I asked participants to rank the criteria for choosing an agency in descending order of importance. 95% of the respondents agree with this list (small variations are possible). If you did it differently – rejoice, you are thinking correctly.

    At first glance, everything looks very reasonable and logical: you cannot blame a person for the fact that first he wants to estimate the costs, then understand what he will get, then reinforce the words of the contractor with legal and financial obligations. Well, the final decision will also be influenced by experience, staff of performers and work plan. True, with a high price, or lack of guarantees, these criteria lose their meaning.

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