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What is Compute Engine Service?

Luka Betts
Luka Betts
3 years ago 1165 Views

Hello guys , i wonder what is Compute Engine Service? In Which Areas Can I Use It? What is the benefits. Please reply to me.

What is Compute Engine Service? Answers

  • Kennedy Woolley
    Kennedy Woolley 01 September 2020 at 01:06

    Cloud Technology

    Cloud technologies are very successful technologies that meet many needs from information processors to ready-made applications by using virtual computers from storage. Google Cloud service is one of the technologies that have emerged with Microsoft Azure. As you can see from our Google Cloud subcategories, there are many areas of use.

    Compute Engine Service

    Compute Engine service is a service that we can create and use a virtual machine under the cloud site. You can create virtual machines with low or very high resources that you can use in multiple areas for just 1 minute. Moreover, without dealing with the main parts. Many websites with high traffic capacity use the Google Cloud service today.

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