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What is Google Optimization?

Dotty Vargas
Dotty Vargas
2 years ago 534 Views

I have a personal website, I regularly enter the original content I wrote, but nevertheless I cannot get to the top of the search engines especially in words with high competition.
As far as I researched and understood from his seohoca blog posts, there was also a series of processes called Google Optimization in addition to the content. So What is Google Optimization? What are the benefits?

What is Google Optimization? Answers

  • Kyal Emery
    Kyal Emery 20 March 2020 at 17:43

    Most users think that their SEO process is all about getting backlinks. Whereas, when we read the related explanations and suggestions of Google, we can understand that SEO consists of a big process. Unlike the SEO methods called off-page, where the backlink processes constitute the weight. On-page SEO is the most important part of google search engine optimization. Elimination of code errors in the site, providing a user-friendly interface, monitoring the movements to deceive the search engine, entering the description and information about the photos, using the subtitle etc.. It takes part in SEO optimization processes. In this way, when Google bots visit your site, it realizes that it encounters an interface designed for the user and treats your site accordingly. In this way, you will complete all the necessary procedures for you to move up one level.

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