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What is link analysis in seo?

Carmel Frank
Carmel Frank
3 years ago 1355 Views

Hello! I would like to know what is link analysis?

What is link analysis in seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 10 September 2020 at 16:28

    Finding and analyzing backlinks to a website is one of the main tasks of an SEO specialist. It is necessary to control not only the link mass but also the analysis of links to a competitor.

    There is no service that could check the link mass of a site and evaluate its effectiveness. For this case, each SEO specialist has his own checklist. On it, he analyzes the external links of client sites.

    But there are specialized services and programs that help to partially automate this routine. The most popular are:

    1) Ahrefs. This is probably the best website analyzer. Paid, but provides maximum information on the link profile of web resources. Moreover, in the form of simple graphs, diagrams, tables.
    Serpstat. The platform is also in demand among SEOs. It has a wide functionality and provides many tools for analyzing backlinks. The service uses data from Majestic Site Explorer as a source.

    2) NetPeak Checker. This is the only program on this list, not an online service. Performs bulk analysis of the site’s SEO. He also knows how to compare data from different sites according to certain parameters.

    3) MegaIndex. It stands out against the background of other peers in that it knows how to distinguish between natural and commercial links. This greatly simplifies the work of an SEO-optimizer, allowing more accurate analysis of competitor links.

    4) LinkPad. Shows the dynamics of backlink growth over several years. But this service rarely updates the database, so new information appears there with a strong delay.

    Each site analyzer from the above list is able to check the link mass of any sites: both their own (client’s) and competitors. And if you also compare the key indicators and draw competent conclusions, then it will be easy to understand what and how to do in order to achieve a good result when working on external optimization.

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