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What is Reputation Management in Social Media?

Odin Vickers
Odin Vickers
2 years ago 281 Views

Hello guys, What is Reputation Management in Social Media? Why i should management this? Please someone can help me?

What is Reputation Management in Social Media? Answers

  • Sinan Donmez
    Sinan Donmez 20 March 2020 at 17:20

    One of the issues to be considered in social media marketing is reputation management. Brand reputation should be protected and a healthy and quality communication should be established with followers. Therefore, a good management of the accounts in social channels, calm in times of crisis, and the right followers should be contacted correctly.

    Social media reputation management
    There are details about your brand reputation on social media and the management of this reputation that you need to know and pay attention to. Besides, it is very important to know how you can improve your brand reputation.

    Monitoring on social media is very important
    Brand reputation is not limited to what you do in social media. It is also what your followers and customers say about you on social channels. For this reason, monitoring studies are very important.

    By following up on specific topics, tags or words directly related to your brand, you can closely follow what users are saying about your brand. Making these follow-ups and communicating with these users when necessary is very important for your brand reputation.

    When you do not follow through on these, you may not know what is being talked about, and in a bad scenario, you may harm your brand reputation because you do not respond to negative comments about your brand. You should be able to communicate directly with users to avoid these bad scenarios and to avoid possible bad or negative comments.

    While following your social media channels, it will be useful to pay attention to the comments related to your products and services as well as user comments.

    Try to keep your interaction rates high
    You should also pay attention to increasing your interaction rates to increase the reputation of your brand and to enable users to talk more about your brand. To achieve this, you need to communicate with users, direct them to comment, like and comment on your posts.

    As the increase of your interaction rates will make the content related to your brand appear more organically in social media, it will begin to create brand familiarity with users. Increasing your brand awareness will also enable you to see the communication you have with your followers. Having a good communication with your followers and interacting with them is one of the details that will help you increase your brand reputation.
    Avoid debates and quarrels on social media
    One of the situations that will cause you to damage your brand reputation will be fighting with your followers on these channels or having a discussion. Discussions and quarrels involving brands, especially on social media, can spread rapidly.

    Some users can also initiate such discussions to provoke brands. For this reason, when responding to users, especially in such sensitive situations, you must first remain calm and try to understand the intent of the person before you take a step.

    Contact one to one when necessary
    When you encounter situations like we mentioned above, it would be more beneficial for you to move the dialogue to a more personal environment in order not to harm your social media reputation management and brand reputation. Switching to a different communication channel such as phone or e-mail allows you to move the discussion from a public environment to a personal environment. Thanks to this approach, any negative speech that may occur during this conversation will not be seen in a public channel.

    While such an approach will make your communication with the user healthier, you will also protect your reputation on social channels.

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