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What is seo and its types?

Alla Seyran
Alla Seyran
3 years ago 1276 Views

Hello! I would like to explore SEO. What is it and can you explain its types?

What is seo and its types? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 02 October 2020 at 17:01

    Hello! SEO is a set of measures aimed at developing a website. For example, yesterday it was on the 20th place in the search results, today after an active engine (optimization) it takes off to the third line and collects laurels. What does it mean? The attendance of the work resource increases, it gains popularity among users, it is trusted.

    Based on the statistics, I can say with confidence that sites from the TOP-10 earn many times more than those outside of it. These are the most profitable positions on the Russian Internet!

    Speaking about SEO optimization of sites, we mean a series of sequential works:

    • assessment of search engine behaviour, identification of new requirements, methods of analysis;
    • overview of positions (number of visits to specific pages, popularity);
    • analysis of the activity of the target audience (clarification of the range of interests);
    • development of a new semantic core (selection of keys on the topic);
    • internal work on updating the resource (change of usability, structure, photo, text material, elimination of technical gaps);
    • external promotion (attracting ordinary visitors, increasing the number of visits);
    • collection of information about the results of promotion (traffic volume, positions by thematic keys), adjustments.

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