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What is seo development?

Andy Farynel
Andy Farynel
3 years ago 1017 Views

Hello! How can you explain SEO development?

What is seo development? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 23 September 2020 at 22:32

    Hello! Why do you need to order SEO at the development stage?
    The task of the site is to sell. The main mistake in the creation of 90% of sites is the fuzzy statement of the technical specification by the customer. These are the goals that the site should achieve after launch: traffic and sales.

    According to our statistics, most owners of ready-made new resources are experiencing problems with optimization and promotion, since initially, at the stage of creating a site, the main technical points in development and errors in the structure, semantic core of the project, content part, etc. were missed. Therefore, it is more correct immediately develop a website for SEO. So from the very beginning you will sharpen the resource for promotion on the Internet.
    A framework is the skeleton of a web project.
    The correct structure of the site is the basis of the sales funnel, in which you lay the customer’s journey from getting to know your site to the final conversion.

    A preliminary analysis of competitors and their key queries, the distribution of semantics and the elaboration of pages that will generate traffic – without these actions, the site will not bring the effect that you expect. Whether it’s a service website or an online store. The variety of SEO work depends on the type of site.
    SEO at the initial stage takes into account the analysis, development and issuance of recommendations, including on-page SEO (meta and canonical tags, headings, page previews).

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