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What is seo in marketing?

Craig Bowl
Craig Bowl
1 year ago 684 Views

Hello! I am interested in digital marketing, could you tell me how does it work?

What is seo in marketing? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 21 September 2020 at 18:35

    In digital marketing, various tools are used that allow you to spread information about a product, brand or company to a large number of people, to attract their attention. Along with contextual, banner, viral, targeted advertising and other tools, SEO optimization is widely used.

    Reasons to use SEO:
    most users ignore ads, use various services to block it;

    about 60% of companies in the b2b segment believe that they have acquired most of their customers thanks to SEO optimization;

    the first three positions (three sites) in the search results receive more than half of all conversions;

    if the site takes a long time to load, then 39% of users leave and do not return.

    There are some types of digital SEO:
    1. optimization in app stores (Apple Store, Google Play);
    2. conversion optimization (using Google Analytics and other tools for monitoring user actions in order to simplify and speed up conversion);
    3. micro-moments (similar to the previous view, but developed exclusively for mobile applications, a Google project to help marketers to better understand consumer behaviour and its consequences).

    Digital marketing is a new marketing trend that is actively developing and has already surpassed traditional advertising. To get the desired effect, maximize profits and promote the brand to a high level, you need to use more channels.

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