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What is seo marketing?

Kristine Clorence
Kristine Clorence
2 years ago 1125 Views

Hey! Tell me about seo marketing! How to use it?

What is seo marketing? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 17 September 2020 at 21:33

    Hello! SEM consists of several components. Often, its components are called all methods that help directly or indirectly increase the position of a resource in search engines.

    The problem is solved in different ways:

    Some in the old-fashioned way are limited exclusively to SEO – optimization of the site itself and its content to increase positions in the search results. This is working with relevance, semantic core, links, keywords, meta tags, usability, behavioral factors. This is no longer enough, since integrated Internet marketing is an actual way of promotion.
    Compliance with the requirements of search engines is far from always enough to find yourself in the top ten. Search advertising comes to the rescue, primarily contextual. Any resource can appear on the first page of the issue, but with the mark “Advertising”, and the user will see it. The event is quite costly. Therefore, for the purposes of search engine promotion, other methods are also used.
    SMO (social media optimization) – website promotion in social networks. Why is social media engagement included in SEM? Because active work in networks gives more links, conversions, and, as a result, an improvement in behavioral factors. Search algorithms take this into account, so using SMO gives you the opportunity to get bonuses when ranking. And there is no difference with SMM.

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