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What is video SEO? How to Rank Videos?

Bendy Crows
Bendy Crows
7 months ago 535 Views

Hello! Which video platform is best for SEO? What is video optimization in SEO?

What is video SEO? How to Rank Videos? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 20 November 2020 at 17:31

    Hello! Let me tell you some ways to improve your video!

    1. Put your keyword at the beginning of the title
    Everyone knows to use a keyword in the title of a video. But not everyone knows that Youtube gives more weight to the words at the beginning of the title.

    2. Pumping involving signals
    Last year, we did the most extensive study of YouTube ranking factors. We analyzed over a million videos to understand why some rank higher than others. What have we found?

    We realized that videos with more engaging cues rank better.

    What are these signals? These are shares, likes, comments and subscriptions.

    No matter how the person is involved in the content, it tells Youtube that people like this video.

    Our research has shown that comments influence rankings more than any other engaging cues.

    Most bloggers use a simple call to action like “comment” or “let me know what you think”. But I realized that a specific call to action works much better. So, instead of the usual “comment”, let the viewers comment on something specific.

    3. TAB formula for video tagging
    According to our research, tags are not as important as they used to be, but they still matter. So it’s worth spending some time on them.

    Remember. Tags are designed to help Youtube understand the content of a video, and you don’t need to collect a whole bunch of them for that. When there are many tags, it even confuses Youtube and Google. They just can’t figure out what the video is about.

    If Youtube doesn’t understand what the video is about, then it won’t rank normally. Therefore, I advise you to use few but very specific tags.

    I called this approach formula TAB (targeting, alternative, broad), an acronym for targeted, alternative, and broad.

    This is how it works.

    Make sure the first tag is a keyword first. Like titles, youtube gives more weight to the tags that come first, especially the first tag.

    4. Attractive previews
    You probably already know that YouTube click-through rates are an important ranking factor.

    In other words, the more often your video is clicked, the higher it rises in the SERP. How to get more clicks? Easily. Use compelling previews. What it is?

    These are previews that are specially crafted to grab attention and get more clicks.

    This preview is done in two steps:

    Step 1: don’t use Youtube colors in the preview

    What does it mean? Youtube’s primary colors are white, red and black. If you use them, the picture will simply merge with the background. Therefore, I advise you to take contrasting colors – green, blue, purple, gray and orange.

    For example, my previews are in shades of green, blue and gray. It helps me stand out in the search results and get more clicks.

    Step 2: write the preview in large bold.

    My research has confirmed that previews with text are more likely to be clicked than those without. It is also relatively small in size, which means there is not much room for writing. Therefore, I advise you to use a maximum of 30 characters in the text.

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