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What to ask seo consultants?

Kristofer Li
Kristofer Li
1 year ago 614 Views

Hello! I would like to contact to SEO agency. What to ask SEO consultants?

What to ask seo consultants? Answers

  • Blar Davidson
    Blar Davidson 10 December 2020 at 15:43

    If your site does not appear on the first pages of Google, then your customers may well not know about your existence. But what if you do not have enough time and technical knowledge for SEO promotion? It probably makes sense to hire an experienced consultant who ate the dog on web sales.

    Do you have a list of current and former clients?

    A reputable advisor will not hide such an important recommendation. These links will confirm his activities and a general idea of ​​where the specialist will move to promote your site.

    Connect with a couple of clients on the list. Even if they cannot provide analytical data, they will say how much the consultanconsultant’saffected the recognition and attendance.

    How will you improve our search engine rankings?

    Stay away from consultants who are not going to discuss their methods with you in detail. There is nothing secret about them, and professionalism is determined by the application’s success, not by the techniques. In addition, they should have an idea of ​​the time it will take to promote your site.

    Make sure the candidate’s includes an initial technical review of your site to weed out any problems that might get in the way of promotion: broken links, errors, etc. There will also be suggestions for optimizing URLs and other links.

    Can you guarantee that my site will take the first position in Google?

    If the consultant answers in the affirmative, run from him as fast as possible. It is impossible to guarantee the first line in a search, but some unethical consultants give bogus guarantees.

    Think of insider relations with Google as a red flag. Only the search engines themselves distribute the ranking places.

    Can you tell us about all the changes that await my site?

    Search engine optimization often requires a change in the coding of a web page. It is essential to know exactly what adjustments will be made and, if possible, discuss them with familiar programmers.

    It is also essential to approve each stage of work.

    How do you measure the result of your SEO campaign?

    To measure the result, you need to know the exact traffic data: how much, where and where. Google Analytics is the best at analyzing campaign success.

    Be sure to ask how often the consultant is going to share this important data with you. And how he will use this data for further optimization. The candidate should be confident in answering these questions.

    How and how often will we communicate?

    The styles and ways of communication of SEO consultants are different and it is better to choose the candidate that suits your schedule and communication means (face-to-face, Skype, email). An SEO campaign requires attention and there is a lot of communication.

    What are your tariffs and payment terms?

    Of course, it is important to know how much you have to pay. But different consultants have different periods of work. Perhaps they are asking for an hourly or weekly payment, or perhaps they are taking money from the project. Just in case, ask if there is interest on late payment.

    What happens when a campaign comes to an end?

    You should make sure that you retain ownership of the SEO package when your contract expires. Ensure that there is a clause in the contract stating that the consultant cannot delete pieces of content or code.

    Also ask what the penalty for early termination of the contract will be (what if you don’t wordon’tReach a consensus and write it down in the contract in advance.

  • Webtures
    Webtures 20 October 2020 at 12:52

    By ordering SEO consultations, you will use the most reliable way to attract an audience. It is much more profitable to analyze and correct mistakes than to constantly pay for expensive contextual advertising. Benefits from SEO consulting:
    – Elimination of shortcomings, errors, correction.
    – Saving time, finance.
    – Clear scheme of actions.
    – Getting valuable information.
    – Check the semantic core, anchor list, text. -Disclosure of the principles of action.
    – Site development.

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