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Where can I learn SEO from scratch?

4 years ago 1374 Views

I need to do SEO for my website. But unfortunately I don’t know SEO. Where and how can I learn?

Where can I learn SEO from scratch? Answers

  • Patricia Carty
    Patricia Carty 04 May 2021 at 19:15

    Courses are an excellent option for those who like a systematic approach to learning. In the courses, you will receive “refined” information on SEO, relevant at the time of their completion.

    Self-study is associated with a number of difficulties, including: insufficient self-organization, difficulties in finding and choosing sources of information, lack of practice, etc.

    The courses are free of these disadvantages:

    you have a clear training schedule;
    courses are taught by practitioners who share not just other people’s thoughts, but their own best practices;
    the courses involve practical work, homework, a final exam, so you will be sure that you have received enough knowledge to advance on your own;
    at the end of the courses, you will receive a certificate that will confirm your qualifications.
    The courses are not time-consuming. For example, the intensive course “Search engine optimization: how to conquer the TOP” in the Cyber marketing training center lasts 8 days.

    During this time, you will learn:

    how search engines work;
    how to build a semantic core;
    how to carry out internal website optimization;
    what commercial factors influence the ranking;
    how to improve your external link profile;
    what tools and services are used in SEO;
    what are behavioral factors and usability and how to improve them.
    You will learn to apply all this knowledge in practice and save a lot of time. This is enough to start working with your own and other people’s projects.

    In addition to courses, offline learning formats such as seminars and master classes are popular. These are events that are dedicated to one specific topic.

  • Webtures
    Webtures 26 February 2020 at 17:42

    Hello, Jessica

    We are very glad that you want to take steps for SEO. I hope this supply continues in the future ­čÖé

    You know that there is no school for this, but there is the internet that will help you to learn SEO from scratch.

    There are unlimited resources on the Internet to learn. You should definitely examine these resources. You should implement the information you have obtained from the sources you have examined on your site in a planned way. You should know that experience and experience in SEO will teach you more than all the written sources.

    Apart from that, the most important move you need to do is to interact with people experienced in SEO. The easiest and most effective way to do this would be to attend events, conferences, workshops and workshops organized in the field of digital marketing.

    I recommend you to follow the people on the Google search team, Webmaster Central Blog and reliable sites in this area through social media platforms.

    I hope we get good news about your site soon ­čÖé

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