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Who does SEO Work? Who Will do SEO?

Andy Will
Andy Will
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Hey! Who is providing SEO?

Who does SEO Work? Who Will do SEO? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 09 November 2020 at 13:49

    Hello! An SEO optimizer’s primary responsibility is the effective promotion of Internet resources in search engines, the main elements of which are internal and external website optimization.

    It doesn’t matter if the SEO specialist is a full-time or a freelance employee, but the quality of his work, knowledge, and skills depends on which position in the search results the client’s website is located. Considering the Web coverage, we can say with confidence that in many respects, the number of visitors and customers will come to the site depends on the abilities of the SEO-optimizer. Thus, we can safely deduce the direct dependence of the company’s success and profitability on the professionalism of the SEO specialist. This is important to consider when assessing the cost of SEO services for both the optimizer and his employer.

    In reality, the boundaries of an SEO professional’s job responsibilities are very blurred. We often encounter situations where the customer expects much more from the optimizer than he really should be doing. For example, he is not obliged to engage in contextual advertising. This is an entirely different activity that requires other skills and knowledge. In small companies, an SEO optimizer often does what a narrow specialist does in larger companies – a link builder, content manager, etc.

    The main responsibilities of an SEO specialist include:
    site audit, including usability analysis, technical and software verification, content quality assessment and resource visibility;
    analysis of competitors’ sites;
    development of a plan for the optimization and development of the resource, content strategy;
    determination of the budget for the promotion;
    clustering of queries and creation of a semantic core;
    SEO content optimization – prescribing meta tags, drafting TOR for a copywriter according to the SA;
    work on internal site optimization and usability improvement;
    interaction with narrow specialists (programmers, copywriters) to implement the promotion strategy;
    creating a high-quality link profile of the site;
    analytics of SEO promotion results: dynamics of visibility, CTR, positions, traffic, behavioural factors, etc.
    monitoring of changes in search engine algorithms and timely adaptation of the site to new requirements;
    preparation and presentation of reporting data on the results of the work done, which should positively affect the change in users’ behavioural factors, an increase in the number of user transitions from organic and on external links, an increase in the position in search results for targeted queries.

    During the analysis, an SEO specialist should detect technical flaws and errors, but in most cases, programmers are engaged in their correction in accordance with the technical specifications and recommendations of an SEO specialist. This division of labour contributes to better performance of tasks. An SEO specialist’s main job is the competent preparation of technical specifications for colleagues, control, and evaluation of the work performed because the optimizer is responsible for the whole range of actions.

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