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Why is my website not showing on Google?

Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith
3 years ago 671 Views

My website does not appear when I search on google. What is the reason? What should I do?

Why is my website not showing on Google? Answers

  • Aditi Truong
    Aditi Truong 04 May 2021 at 17:38

    Going to Google Search Console, on the main page, we find the “Coverage” block. It shows a graph with the number of pages of the site in the Google index (green graph) and the number of pages that contain errors (red graph). In this form, it is convenient to watch how pages were added/removed from the index at a certain period of time.

    From the “Coverage” block, you can go to the full report. A separate page will show the graph, the number of errors, the pages loaded without errors, and the excluded pages. By clicking on each of the indicators, we get graphical data on it and lists of the URLs themselves.

    The indexing process is a search crawler crawling site documents. After that, the data is processed, and after that it appears (or does not appear) in the search results. Updating the search base is called Update, and for each search engine it occurs at a different rate. Therefore, if the pages of a newly created site are not displayed in the search, then most often they have simply not been indexed yet.

    You can close the entire site from indexing, or its individual documents. Therefore, the second step in finding the reason for the absence of a site in the index is to check the robots.txt file located at the file system’s root.

    Search engines are interested in ensuring that their results are as high quality as possible, meeting user requests as much as possible. It makes no sense to add pages to search if their duplicates are already on the Internet.

    Htaccess file can also be used to close the site from indexing, so we check it for the absence of such lines:

    All content on the site should be in a structured form, at various levels of nesting (Main – Category – Subcategory – etc.). Moreover, it is not recommended to create nesting levels of more than 5. If these two rules are not observed, the indexing process may take a long time, especially if there are many pages on the site.

  • Webtures
    Webtures 20 February 2020 at 12:02

    Hello, there are several reasons why your site may not first appear on Google. If your website is a new website, it is normal for the site not to appear because it may not have been indexed yet.

    Your site does not have sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. If it is specific to your site, it would not be right to wait for Google to crawl on your site without configuring the robots.txt file that you allow to crawl on your site and adding all the URLs to the sitemap.xml file.

    If you have a sitemap and robots.txt file as mentioned above, but your site is not visible, we recommend that you bring it as Google through the Google Search Console.

    If your site does not show up on Google even if it gets a directory, we suggest doing SEO studies on brand search and the keyword you are targeting.

    If it is still not visible, your site may have been penalized. At this point, we recommend that you get professional support.

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