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Why is online reputation management is important?

Finn Hope
Finn Hope
4 months ago 101 Views

Hi , i have a new website so i dont have a lot of information. What is benefits of online reportation management. Why is online reputation management is important?

Why is online reputation management is important? Answers

  • Sinan Donmez
    Sinan Donmez 08 March 2020 at 04:18

    Why is online reputation management important for companies?

    Reputation management is vital for companies with corporate culture or targeting institutionalization. For this reason, reputation management is handled in a wide range. One of the most important parts of this range is the management models applied in “digital” channels today.

    According to Pwc’s research: “80% of Internet users do research before buying a product.” and 72% of these internet users do not buy products / services that are commented negatively. I think this data explains how important online reputation management is for companies.

    Who do you entrust your reputation to?

    Digital reputation management is currently carried out by “Social Media Experts”. However, according to which criteria are the competencies of the people employed by companies as “social media experts” determined?

    It is not an adequate criterion that people who have an important role such as community management are only knowledgeable about the technical management of social media channels. A competent Social Media Specialist must have received sociology and psychology education, and made researches and studies in the fields of philosophy and communication sciences.

    Follow what is being said about your brand

    Reputation management usually comes to mind in times of crisis. However, this perception is wrong. Reputation continues throughout life and is a sustainable concept. For this reason, you must constantly follow what people are talking about your brand in order not to damage your brand reputation. You can follow written and visual media from media monitoring centers and analyze the news about your brand. As for the tracking of online content, you can get support from companies that offer services in this regard, or you can take advantage of free tools.
    In the digital environment, all of the studies such as determining what information both individual and corporate companies have about the services they provide, how they perceive them in general, whether the information created has a positive or negative impression, and how the general attitude of the customers is defined as online reputation management.

    All channels in digital media have a great influence on managing people’s perception. For this reason, scenarios should be produced for possible crises and strategies should be developed against these crises and all necessary measures should be taken. All necessary work should be done to improve all negative comments in the digital environment and to positively improve people’s attitudes towards the company. It should be known that day by day;

    The questioner,
    Criticizing masses have begun to form.
    Therefore, social profile has become the most valuable asset for companies. Because search results and social profile greatly affect the decisions of potential customers. As such, the necessity and importance of online reputation has become inevitable.

    The Importance of Reputation Management

    The purpose of online reputation management is to gain the trust and respect of the customer base. In addition; The ideas and assumptions of the audience in the digital environment on the company are evaluated. Comments that people express clearly are looked at. Due to some negative situations in the past, there are people who react. The future behavior probabilities of the audience here are calculated. Long-term feelings and thoughts about companies are determined.

    The image in the eyes of the stakeholders is evaluated. It can be understood how effective the company offers to its customers.

    In short, all the positive statements expressed in the digital field allow to increase the company’s customer potential. Negative statements, on the other hand, leave new customers, even existing customers, in mind, due to the possibility of reaching millions of people in a very short time. For this reason, it is possible to control such news and find solutions to problems with the online reputation management study.

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