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Why should a business have a reputation management policy?

Ciaron Thorne
Ciaron Thorne
2 years ago 179 Views

Hello, why should a business have a reputation management policy? What happens if we dont have any policy? How can i determine my policies? Please inform me what i need to do. Thank you.

Why should a business have a reputation management policy? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 17 August 2020 at 15:14

    Reputation management policy important thing. In fact, search engine reputation management (SERM) is the process of managing the information that appears when someone searches for your name, company name, or employees, using search engines. Corporate reputation management is one of those tools that you don’t understand until you start using it in your daily work. The demand for reputation support on the Internet for business is growing many times over – especially when it becomes known for certain that competitors are “already in the know.”

    Who needs a complete reputation management suite?

    1. You are a big brand
    – You are looking for investors and clients
    – You want to be ahead of the competition
    – You form a positive employer image

    2. You want to be a big brand
    – Agencies (digital, event, pr, etc.)
    – For clinics and laboratories
    – Restaurants and entertainment establishments

    3. You are a media personality
    – Are you an artist, politician or business owner
    – You want to create an image from scratch
    – You are faced with information discrediting your dignity

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