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Why You Need SEO for your website?

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Why does a website need SEO? Does every website need SEO?

Why You Need SEO for your website? Answers

  • Erhan Kolci
    Erhan Kolci 05 March 2020 at 10:53

    In addition to the previous answer, let me answer.

    In order to build trust in a brand according to human psychology, the user is recommended to see this brand on 7 different platforms. Conscious researchers can distinguish between advertising and organic results by enabling them to look at the site more safely with a better organic location.

    With advertisements, you can present the requested information to the users in the fastest way, right or wrong. This is the opposite of SEO work. According to the search purpose, the site that provides the most accurate and useful information will be listed first with SEO studies. Therefore, SEO will make the business more reliable because it gives the impression that the order received by users is not accidentally or advertised, SEO it is a type of permanent work that works in the long run.

  • Kyle Owen
    Kyle Owen 20 February 2020 at 20:46

    Why you need SEO for your website?
    Why should SEO be done? Let me try to explain this in a few titles.

    An SEO expert should know very well why he should do his job. One person said, “Why should I get Seo?” When asked, the simplest answers you can give her are below.

    Reducing Advertising Expenses
    The biggest mistake and the first thought of many people is “I better advertise instead of the money I spend on SEO”. In fact, if there is something unknown, those who regularly invest in SEO are those who regularly advertise. You already advertise why do you need SEO? This is because “Quality Score”, which is a factor in the calculation of fees per click in advertising words, especially in Google ADS ads, is completely related to the site content.

    You Become Permanent on the Internet
    Every operation in SEO, namely search engine optimization, is the process that aims to increase the websites. The ranking results obtained as a result of these processes are preserved for a long time and are permanent. Of course, I assume that no spam or illegal transactions are made here. If you are in a sector with low competition, your place will remain constant for a long time.

    Don’t Your Competitors Do SEO?
    The Internet has facilitated trade as well as many other topics. So much so that we can shop from somebody on the other side of the world we do not know where we do not know the language. Isn’t it like this in our country? Regardless of your industry, the vast majority of customers are on the internet and the largest source search engines they find what they are looking for…

    Not only you who know this, of course your competitors know this and they are trying to grow in them like you. If your competitors are doing SEO, you have to do it!

    What you aim for by doing SEO, search engine optimization, is not to get out in the top, but to be above your competitors. If your competitors are doing SEO studies and you are not doing it, no matter how high your products or service you offer, your end will be drowning in the internet ocean.

    Search Engines Improve Every Day Updating
    While there are many different search engines, the industry’s leader is Google, and it is the search engine that should work the most to maintain its leadership. Because he knows this very well, he is constantly updated and refreshed in the background. With Google, you need to keep up with the innovations. For example, we estimate that Google is currently controlling over 200 criteria. Keeping up with the development of this search engine will of course be difficult, but you have to keep up with it.

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