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We answered questions in different categories from experts in the SEO industry with Webtures experience. SEO with Questions, a must-read for anyone planning to enter the industry, has released its 29th edition!

Sorularla SEO Kitabı

SEO with questions

What will this book teach you about SEO?

The SEO with Questions book teaches solutions to the problems that new entrants to the sector or experts working in the sector may experience in the later stages. It will also provide you with information on many topics you have not heard before.

On-site SEO

How can you satisfy the users and robots coming to your web page? We have prepared every detail about on-site criteria and content quality for you.

Factors Affecting SEO

Apart from the factors that affect on-site and off-site SEO, domain name and hosting are the signals that affect our rankings. You will find the things to be considered and unknowns on the basis of domain and hosting in our book.

Off-site SEO

According to Google's updated algorithms and our experience, while external SEO decreases its impact, the importance of internal SEO efforts is increasing. Today, we have written about how the meaning of the concept of backlink is changing and the factors to be considered when obtaining backlinks.

Specialty Questions

The SEO test with detailed answers that you can evaluate yourself or use in recruitment is included in our book.



About SEO Book Authors with Questions

Kaan Gülten, who started his work in the field of SEO in 2007, actively entered the sector in 2009 with the site. His first book "SEO from the Expert" became the best-selling title of the sector and the publishing house, and with his articles and book on SEO, he managed to fill a huge information gap in the sector. With his second book, SEO with Questions, he has achieved a significant success by reaching a total of 54,000 sales figures. In 2011, Gülten founded Webtures and has been providing SEO, digital marketing and UX services to many brands with a team of 35 people for the last 6 years.

As an initiative that has reached a team of 35 people from scratch, Webtures is also one of the rare examples of success without investment.

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SEO Book with Questions

This book has been updated from the 1st edition to the 29th edition in line with the needs of many experts in the sector to interpret algorithms, to learn Google's point of view and vision about the development process. It has become a unique resource where you can learn to think, work and develop business like Google.