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Webtures’s Story

Webtures Kaan
Starting an adventure in a30 m2 single room office with only a 7 thousand TRY capital
Expert’s SEO Book

In March 2001, the Expert’s SEO book took its place at the bookstores. The sales reached to 58.000.

Webtures Office 1

On 11.06.2011 it was established at a single room office of 30m2. 4 people became a part of the team in 4 months.

Webtures Office 2

Approximately 1 year after the foundation of the company, the company quickly moved to a duplex office.

SEO With Questions Book

SEO With Questions Book was published and 24th edition was reached thanks to the sales.

ISO 9001 certificate

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate has been obtained for our SEO services.

Webtures Office 3

We moved to our new office on the 14th floor at Vizyon Kartal Plaza.

Webtures Global

Webtures opened up to the global market by adding abroad to its project models. In line with the increasing international demands, a branch was opened in London. R&D studies were accelerated.

444 4 915

With its new telephone number, it began to provide professional call center support.

Webtures Mobile

The Webtures Mobile project was realized. Gifts were given to people who followed this tool through social media.

Webtures New Office

At the Vision Kartal Plaza, on the 32nd and 33rd floor of the side street, we moved to our current 400 m2 office.

SEO Studio App

The SEO Studio application was launched to adapt the innovative approach to the mobile approach in the SEO sector.

Webtures Digital Informatics Inc.

The company went through a change by becoming Webtures Digital Informatics Inc.

Webtures Mobile 2

Webtures Mobile 2 tool was included due to the increase in out-of-office meetings.

Digital Angel Investing

We created a new angel investment model for all entrepreneurs


On 04.05.2017 our company started using E-Billing.

Saturdays are Now Off days

Saturdays becoming the off-says was one of the toughest steps for a startup to adapt to the corporate process.

Applied Trainings with Webtures Academy

In order to close the expert gap in the market, it started SEOtudy service to train experienced experts with applied and project trainings.

Current Edition SEO Books

2 SEO Books have now reached 64,000 copies with up-to-date content and strategies, updated design covers and the first animated cover in the world.

Provided more than 2000 sites with SEO, and filtered out more than 500 sites.

Our starting hours have been changed to 9:00 instead of 8:30.

Webtures Internship Camp

With the talent-focused internship program, we started to provide job opportunities to successful young people with the internship program that will include promising young people in the team, accompanied by training, testing, practical exams and competitions.

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