What is Webtures' Vision?


Webtuers is an agency that helps business owners increase their online visibility and provides them with quality services.  This approach not only creates a selective client profile, but also develops a business model that contributes to a multi-faceted development that requires us to reach our clients' offline user experiences as well as online experiences.  


Webtures is a combination of the words Web and Ventures. It was created to make maximum contribution to the business ecosystem. This approach has been the foundation of our Digital Angel Investments program, through which we build our GiveBack culture by investing in companies.


 Our company's goal is to bring a different perspective to the business world, moving away from the employee-boss mindset that gave rise to the Webtures culture, so that every institution can adapt to the leader-team member mentality.


The philosophy we seek to promote is "self-improvement". By drawing attention to the importance of in-house entrepreneurship as well as independent business models, we were able to implement the Girişimci Kafası project, which has been very successful in inspiring and reaching 5 million people every week.


We are keen to make maximum contribution to the development of the industry through the SEO Hocası project, increasing the sales rates of our SEO From Expert and With Questions SEO books which have peaked and sold over 68,000 copies to date. We also look forward to contributing to the development and education of the younger generation and training new experts in the field.


We strive to provide maximum contribution to the startup ecosystem, both institutions and individuals, through our company's involvement on a voluntary basis in various programs and incubation centers to accelerate the growth of startups with our own and support these programs with free SEO services.