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Take advantage of E-Export Consultancy to announce your product or service to the global market and increase your export sales rates.


E-Export Consultancy Services

We create an effective road map for you by analysing and determining the most appropriate strategies for your e-commerce websites by handling all the elements professionally. Setting out without having innovative ideas while selling and marketing a product and reaching different continents and countries will force us more to reach our goal and cause our process to be prolonged, perhaps many times more. At this point, e-commerce consultancy is an important service that you can choose to shorten the long process in front of you effectively and efficiently.With the e-export consultancy service we provide to you, we evaluate and address the following elements one by one:

Marketplace Consultancy

For companies that concentrate their business volume on e-export, we provide consultancy services to you with our expert staff, and we stand by you and provide support to achieve our goals together. One of the first points we focus on in the content of the service we provide is market place definition. In this context, we determine suitable marketplaces based on your target audience and share our experience with you about opening your online store in the determined online channels.With online marketplace consultancy service;
  • We analyse the situation of competitors in the target market and report how many competitors are similar to your service and their market shares in this area.
  • We periodically determine the target sales volume of products by comparing the sales volume of similar products offered by competitors.
  • At the same time, we also take into account the quality of the products while making these comparisons.
  • With research and comparisons for your products we convey to you the price ranges that should be in order to ensure maximum profitability by calculating the variable costs.
  • We examine all the features of the products and analyse their suitability for the geographical structure in the target markets.


E-Export Digital Marketing

E-export digital marketing is one of the most important elements that you should pay attention to in order to increase your sales in online marketplaces and on your own website. When the products and stores with very good sales volume in the market are examined, we see that the effort and budget spent for digital marketing is quite appropriate. Since digital marketing requires expertise in many different fields, those who want to encounter the most efficient results should definitely work with professionals.

E-export digital marketing

Digital Marketing Guide for E-export Site

E-export digital marketing introduction


Product Analysis and Reporting according to the Targeted Market Place

Product selection according to the market place is a very important element for the concept of e-export. In order to decide on the target market-product matching, concepts such as technical analysis of products, advertising costs, target sales price should be handled professionally.

Suitability for Sale Control Stage

At this stage, after the target market place is determined, necessary preparations are made to launch the product on the market. We also provide you with detailed support in choosing visual elements such as detailed descriptions of the products, visuals, analysis and listing of cost items, selection of packaging to make the product attractive.

E-Export SEO

E-Export SEO is called optimisation studies aimed at increasing organic search results in order to increase the sales of businesses selling in foreign marketplaces or through their own website.Each of these studies are target studies focused on increasing sales. From the period when you receive optimisation service, you will quickly realise that the work done adds to your business. Small but effective optimisation works at certain points directly affect the sales turnover of businesses.

Export Phase

Export service has certain procedures. Getting professional support in knowing and applying these procedures ensures that things go smoothly and faster. At this stage we provide support by undertaking not only consultancy but also the operation process.If we consider the support we provide at the export stage in more detail:
  • Analysing the transportation route such as air-land-sea to the export country,
  • Transfer of tax laws regarding the market place where the products will reach,
  • Providing information on where the products can be stored,
  • Deciding in which time interval the production should be carried out, taking into account the determined export intervals,
  • Services for expropriation.

Creating and Managing an Online Store

In order to deliver the products to the users, we must have an online shop. This store can also be found in one of the ready-made online marketplaces.Before putting the products on sale, it is necessary to make certain preparations to increase their effectiveness. These preparations are as follows:
  • Preparation and selection of product images,
  • Selection of texts related to the product,
  • Contracts within the scope of trade,
  • Obtaining a trademark registration legally,
  • Creating a road map to be followed regarding the advertisement,
  • Effective use of social media,
  • Deciding how payment transactions will be made and preparing the infrastructure,
  • Determination of delivery methods to the customer after purchase,
  • Online store reporting on sales status
in the form ofMaking these preparations and analyses is a very detailed process that requires experience. Therefore, getting professional support will greatly increase efficiency.

After Sales Support Training

Today, the quality of a brand in the eyes of the user is significantly affected by the after-sales support service. The more valuable customers feel, the more their loyalty to a brand can increase. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure customer satisfaction not only in the process until the sale, but also afterwards in line with feedback. At this point, we also provide you with after-sales support training service in order to strengthen your customer communication.

Company Opening Support Service

We provide you with information about the laws, regulations and documents required for company opening in the targeted market countries and facilitate your process.