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As a result of the SEO study conducted with Akşam newspaper, in just 3 months, organic traffic was 4.65 times and the number of visitors was 2.89 times.


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Akşam SEO Process

Türkmedya which is one of the leading corporations that come to mind about press in Turkey constitutes one of the cornerstones of Turkish media with its rooted past, innovative structure and all-around sense of publishing. Operating within Çukurova as Akşam Yayın Grubu since 1997, the group reorganized in 2005 under the name of Türkmedya and has become one of the strongest publishing groups of Turkey in terms of viewers, audience, readers and press and advertisement market. Digital publishing has become one of the most important areas following the unstoppable rise of the digital media.People now follow the agenda over digital media. All newspapers in the world have now found themselves a place in digital environment. Increasing competition terms and very high number of digital newspapers have laid the foundation for the biggest competition in search engines.

Results achieved are:


Number of organic traffic users was increased by 4.65 times in approximately 3 months.

Total number of visitors has increased by 2.89 times compared to start date of works as one of the results of the success of Webtures SEO strategy.

An increase by over 1.57 percent has been ensured in user traffic from start date of works until today in organic returns provided by Google. These rates step forward as a figure equal to millions of users.
We analysed the website of AKŞAM over approximately 100 SEO criteria and saw that the site had many areas which required fixing. We stated that these errors had critical importance and eliminated the errors of the site simultaneously with AKŞAM software team.

SSince digital publishing sector would be one of the sectors with the highest competition, we knew competitors would not be idle either, and we analysed them down to the last detail. We always started 1 step ahead detecting what kind of SEO work would be carried out in future periods.

We performed detailed analysis such as at which locations the keywords we determined were located, whether there was any page related to such words and how intensively the keywords were found in the site, and ensured formation of relevant pages by harmonizing keywords with SEO.

We analysed in detail the websites in the sector as well as the website of AKŞAM, performed long researches on which words we could get more productivity, determined 30 words through joint decision and detected their search volumes and return rates, and approved our keywords.In this analysis, we perform detailed analysis down to the last detail of the site. By analysing from design to software, from site speed to mobile compatibility as well as its articles and site management, we ensured elimination of every detected error. We completed our analysis processes this way. Upon starting our out-site SEO works, our site started advancing step by step, and we saw traffic increase. We did not have much time since we estimated that the sector would start on April, therefore we had to work very accurately and rigorously; we had to advance in a controlled manner by calculating every Backlink return and what contributions it made to the site.

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