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As a result of the SEO study conducted with Akşam newspaper, in just 3 months, organic traffic was 4.65 times and the number of visitors was 2.89 times.

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Akşam Website SEO Step


  • In Site SEO Analysis
    We analyzed Aksam.com.tr in line with the current algorithms, and carried out studies to arrange those who have critical importance over the errors on the site simultaneously with the software team within the priority planning.
  • Competitors' SEO Quality and Strategies
    Since the digital publishing industry is one of the sectors with the greatest competition, we analyzed the working strategy pursued by our competitors to the finest detail. We aimed to be always ahead of our competitors by predicting the next algorithm update according to the know-how we obtained.
  • Keyword Compatible Page Detection
    We targeted the position increases by using detailed analysis such as the usage rates of the keywords we determined in the keyword analysis, the pages related to these words are available on the site, measuring the technical competence level of these pages, and the pages of the keywords are compatible with SEO.
  • Keyword Detection
    We analyzed the sites in the sector and the AKŞAM website in detail and determined the searches that we can obtain efficiency. Initially, we determined 30 words and determined their keywords, their search volumes and their return rates.

From design to software, from site speed to mobile compatibility, from articles to site management, we have resolved all detected errors.

As we started offsite SEO studies, we started to progress step by step and see the increase in traffic. Since we knew that the increase in traffic in the sector would begin in April, we didn't have much time ahead of us. Therefore, our steps had to be careful and solid. We proceeded in a controlled way by calculating the return time of each backlink and determining what it contributed to the site.


People are now starting to follow the whole agenda via digital media. All newspapers around the world now have a place in digital channels. Increasing competition conditions and the number of digital newspapers found in large numbers laid the foundations of the biggest competition in search engines.


The number of organic traffic users has increased 4.65 times after 3 months.
The total number of visitors has reached 2.89 times.
The number of page views increased by 1.57 times, reaching a view of X.X million.

E-Çerez Website

As part of the E-Çerez brand digital angel investment project, we managed to increase conversions by 850%.

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With the cooperation we started in 2014, we entrusted all the SEO works of our website to the Webtures team.

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