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As Webtures SEM team, we have increased the income BKM Books - one of the biggest book sale sites in Turkey - obtains from off-brand advertising expenses by 775% in a month.

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How did we achieve that?

After taking over AdWords advertisements of BKM Books, we started optimizing shopping advertisements which we thought would bring in the most effective to begin with.

Through special offerings and groupings, we have ensured that our budget would be dispersed to groups that bring in most conversion with low conversion costs. Besides, through data we obtained as a result of analyses we made on the Analytics side, we determined audiences that provide the most conversion, added them to our campaigns on the Adwords side and made special offerings. We took special offer actions by detecting categories or products, efficiencies of which are on the rise or declining on a daily or weekly basis. As a result of these studies and other similar detail optimizations, we have decreased process costs by 691% and increased total processes by 693% in shopping campaigns.

We directed visitors to our site to purchase by using specific remarketing lists we created in dynamic remarketing campaigns and exclusively offering them between each other. So we were able to bring the current conversion rate up to 9 times.

On the search advertisements side, we tried to bring campaign and advertisement group tree to a degree that it would maximize the quality point and lowered out costs per click. We have decreased conversion costs on the search side and increased our conversion numbers with adjustments such as advertising copies, keyword selection, keyword matching types, offering, advertising extensions, offers based on device and time, etc. As a result, we got a conversion rate high as 13% in generic and competitive keywords. And in total, we reached a 775% income growth and a 527% process increase in AdWords advertisements with the same budget.

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