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With ITOPYA, two of our main objectives were to create a roadmap to increase visibility on the organic side and transform into the most trendy IT e-commerce platform to please users. Within 5 months we have realized organic traffic growth of up to 1750% with our SEO and UX work plans.

Itopya Website
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Itopya Website SEO and UX Steps


Itopya wants to be a leader company in IT solutions and Gaming products in a short time. The aim is to increase organic visibility and to be a trendy e-commerce platform that will satisfy users.

  • Planning of the category tree according to the required strategies
  • To be more visible in brand searches


  • By changing the category URL structures, the URL structure was made SEO friendly.
  • Strategies specific to the targeted product groups were determined by changing the product URL addresses.
  • With the brand filter system, the search made by the users were targeted.
  • Strategies have been implemented to avoid duplicate content in areas such as category, brand and where traffic can be provided the most.
  • Visual changes were made to all pages that don't have a visual or correct image on the product detail pages.
  • Special strategies have been developed for pages that affect mobile performance and have absolute traffic loss.
  • By targeting searches specific to the target audience, an increase in visibility rates was achieved in all months from the beginning of the studies.
  • Special strategies were developed for sections that keep the page up to date, such as product reviews.


  •  Traffic rates increased by 115%.
  • Category, product visibility increased over 100%.
  • A 60% increase was achieved in the number of words rank on the first page.


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