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Otsimo is a project among the first term winners of the Digital Angel Investment Program.

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Otsimo provides the necessary and lacking education to children with autism through tablet computers so that they can receive an intensive and quality education. Otsimo isn an application that contains educational games.


Our main objective is reaching children with autism and their families

This way, to support them, and to share the burdens on their shouldersWe started our studies by researching all aspects of Autism. We determined which searches families with autism conduct on search engines. As a result of the research, we determined 40 generic words and 120 long tail words. After determining the targeted keywords for our studies, we ensured the creation of SEO-compatible pages for the determined words.

Technical SEO Issues with in the Site

Duplicate Content Issue: We have detected that the content on the site repeats several times with different URL structures, and we redirected such repetitive pages to their original pages with 301.

H tags: We have determined that the H tags used in the site are not used in a certain hierarchy and we have seen that H tags are not included in many of the pages. By creating a special H tag strategy for category and detail pages, we have made h tags more efficient.

Broken Links: We found that there were links to pages that were previously active but subsequently dropped to 404, and we revised all these links and ensured that they were directed to their pages correctly.

Harmful Links: We detected about 30 links that we thought harmed the site, and carried out the blocking processes, and we checked these processes in 2 weeks.

Pages with Low-Value Added: We detected unproductive pages and deleted them to ensure there were more valuable pages on our site.

Long Tail Strategy

We created content with about 120 different words that we determined on the long tail side, and we managed to rank among the top 5 in almost all of these created content. To give an example of long tail words: how to treat autism, autism education for 3 years, we ranked high in many search derivatives.Apart from the targeted keywords and long tails, we determined all the words rank on the 2nd page and made these pages SEO-compatible, and ensured that these pages were then ranked on the 1st page.




In addition to these studies, as a result of the SEO studies we have created on the long tail side, we increased the organic traffic from 2,636 on July 01, 2017 to 
21,810 as of March 30, 2018.


Organic Traffic

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We achieved a 385% increase in organic traffic with SEO and quality content strategy.

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