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Customer: Otsimo

Sector: Industry

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Otsimo SEO Process


Monthly Organic Traffic Increase


Otsimo provides the necessary and missing education for children with autism to receive intensive and quality education through tablet computers. Otsimo, an application with educational games, contains many games.



Our main goal?
Reaching out to children with autism and their families. In doing so, we aim to provide them with support, even if it’s just a small amount, and share the burden they carry.

We began our efforts by thoroughly researching autism in all aspects. We identified the searches conducted by families with autistic children on search engines. As a result of our research, we identified 40 generic and 120 long-tail keywords. After determining the targeted keywords, we ensured the creation of SEO-friendly pages for these selected keywords.

Technical SEO Issues Within the Site

Duplicate Content Issue:
We identified that content within the site was repeating with different URL structures. We addressed this issue by implementing 301 redirects for these repeated pages, directing them to the original pages.

H Tags:
We discovered that H tags were not used in a specific hierarchy within the site, and many of our pages lacked H tags. We formulated an H tag strategy for category and detail pages, enhancing the efficiency of H tags.

Broken Links:
We found links pointing to pages that were previously active but later resulted in 404 errors. We revised all these links to correctly redirect to their respective pages.

Harmful Links:
Identifying around 30 links that we believed could harm our site, we performed blocking procedures and conducted regular checks over a two-week period.

Low-Value Pages:
Identifying inefficient pages, we cleaned up these pages, ensuring that our site contains more valuable content.

Long Tail Strategy:
For the identified approximately 120 different long-tail keywords, we created content and successfully positioned them within the top 5 ranks for almost all of these keywords. Examples of long-tail keywords include “how to treat autism” and “autism education at age 3,” among many others.

In addition to the targeted keywords and long-tail terms, we identified all keywords where we appeared on the 2nd page. We made these pages SEO-friendly to achieve 1st-page rankings. Furthermore, we redirected from long-tail pages to generic keywords, establishing a robust link structure.



As a result of our SEO efforts, we increased organic traffic from 2,636 on 01 July 2017 to 21,810 as of 30 March 2018.


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