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Customer: Yargı Yayınevi
Service: SEO

Yargı Yayınevi ADS Process


Less Budget Expenditure


  • When we took over the Google Ads account, our first task was to restructure campaign trees and ad groups to enhance their quality scores. We created new ad copies to increase our click-through rate, regularly monitored their performance, and discovered the texts that generated the highest conversions and conversion rates.
  • We reviewed and made revisions to keyword lists and match types. We conducted negative actions based on the search term report and added new potential keywords to our relevant campaigns.
  • Considering breakdowns in terms of conversion numbers, conversion cost, and conversion rates, we implemented custom bidding on both campaign and keyword levels. We revised bidding for products/keywords that brought in the most sales with high-profit margins. Simultaneously, we adjusted bidding for products/keywords with high conversion costs and low conversion rates.
  • We created custom breakdowns in areas such as devices, time, demographics, and location. We separated those breakdowns with high conversion values from those with low values and created campaign structures with custom bidding for each breakdown.
  • By preparing special banner sets for brands where we had a price advantage, we targeted the right audience, driving traffic at more cost-effective rates and supporting the total sales of these brands.
  • We segmented users who visited our site into different focuses of conversion, revised our remarketing campaigns, and customized their bids.
  • We conducted in-depth analysis of Google Analytics data, evaluating all the data that contributes to our ads, and applied them to our campaigns.


With all these optimisations and other technical studies, we achieved the same turnover and number of transactions by spending 47% less budget at the end of 1 month of work.

  • It should not be forgotten that everyone can use the Google ADS panel and spend budget. But the important thing here is to get the return on the budget you spend and maximise this return. The fact that you are currently satisfied with your adverts does not mean that you cannot achieve more efficiency with this budget or that you will not achieve the same figures with less budget.
  • Although the Google ADS panel is seen from the outside as an area that almost anyone can set up and manage, it contains very fine details and requires sufficient experience. Otherwise, it is unfortunately possible to obtain results far below the efficiency that can actually be obtained with the budget spent.

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