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Google Ads (Google Adwords)

We handle Google Ads in a more strategic and creative way.

A Google Ads campaign doesn't just make your product stand out. If carefully constructed, it will significantly affect your revenue.

How We Do?

Webtures with Google Ads

For Webtures customers, for every 1 cent spent on Google Ads, an average revenue of 1 dolar was generated.

Google Ads Campaign Models

Google has many ad and campaign models available to you, both on the search network and on the display network. We can apply the most effective ones for your brand and increase your sales/conversion numbers with quality traffic.

Google Ads' Contribution to Your Company

With Google Ads campaigns managed by Webtures expert team, we optimize conversion focusing on maximum performance and minimum cost by providing sustainability and complementarity within the integrated fiction of the campaign with appropriate motives towards user habits in different platforms.

By increasing your brand visibility, frequency and recognition, we increase your brand`s trust index and that will affect customers` purchase decision.

We increase your CTR values, and therefore your traffic with the fictions that are run on the motives that the users provide maximum conversion.

By analyzing the behavior of consumers when getting in touch with you, we increase your interaction with action-oriented results such as social media, websites, email and telephone.

We act result-oriented and increase your sales with an environmental marketing structure where all processes are optimized and brand integrity is maintained.

Google Ads Management

  • Finding new keywords
  • Different Google Ads Campaigns
  • Landing page A/ B tests and design
  • PPC optimization and different PPC trials
  • Detailed remarketing audiences
  • Regularly conducted competitor analysis
  • Create and test display ads
  • Custom metric reporting
  • Social and video traffic additions
  • Conversion quality improvements
  • Regularly increased ROI

  • Identifying sector-specific audiences
  • Use of negative keyword list with sector-specific analysis
  • Identifying and excluding inappropriate placements
  • Geo keyword / ad detail level
  • Ongoing offer optimization
  • Direct search and conversion tracking
  • Time / Day / Week offer changes and adjustments
  • Shopping campaign enhancements and optimization
  • Analyze and use Analytics results

Search Ads

Search Ads

Get listed on top with search ads all the time!


  • You can reach your potential customers on demand (when they research)
  • It gets you listed above organic results
  • Your ad can be shown on competitor searches
  • You get visibility on the first page for words that you get poor organic ranking
  • Even if you're good at organic results, you won't miss the audience

Display Ads (GDN)

Maximize both your traffic and recognition with banner ads!

  • Your brand recognition increases
  • Visual advantage
  • Attract traffic to your site with more affordable click costs
  • Your banners will be shown to your potential customers with interests, site topics, demographics, etc.
  • With special placements, you'll advertise on sites you'd like to take part in

Display Ads

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

Maximize your product sales with shopping ads!

  • They get listed above organic and search ads
  • Product image, price and brand will be shown in the ad
  • All details will be received from xml and that doesn't require ad text
  • Conversion rate is higher than other campaigns
  • A click on them directly leads to the product page

Remarketing Ads

Encourage people who have visited your site for a conversion!
  • You can re-target your site visitors by breaking them down into special divisions
  • You can remind yourself to users who have not converted / purchased
  • When visitors are making a research reduce conversion time by providing special offers to them
  • You can dynamically present the products visitors have recently visited
  • Attract site visitors who perform competitive searches or search your keywords

Remarketing Reklamları

Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads

Don't be bounded by video ads!

  • Your brand recognition increases
  • You can communicate your message or product through video without limitation
  • Rich visual field
  • You can target and post on specific videos and channels
  • You can perform video remarketing to users who watch your videos
  • You can increase the interaction of your YouTube channel
  • You can gain cost-effective viewing
  • You can attract visitors to your site through your videos

Application Ads

Increase your app downloads!

  • Increase your recognition in mobile app markets
  • Show your ads to people interested in your application with Google's automatic targeting
  • Make more people download your app
  • Increase your in-app interaction

Application Ads

Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads

Let your ads to be published in mail format!

  • Reach users who have received mail from your competitors
  • Create more customized ads with Gmail's custom templates
  • Reach people with emails that contain your keywords

Steve JOBS

People don`t know what they want until you show it to them.

Steve JOBS
Apple, CEO

Sector Expertise

Our customers are businesses of different types and sizes. We have developed projects for companies from sectors such as finance, media, health, education, government, real estate / social media, travel / transportation and e-commerce.

Trust is the Foundation of Great Products

Our customers often cooperate with us for many years and launch various products. Because we are always trying to be reliable technology partners who are committed to provide more than software development expertise. In this way, we work as an extension of our teams instead of an outsourced agency of our customers.

We would like to thank you, our Webtures family, for the contribution that you've made and the efficiency you provided to our GoogleAds since the day we joined the Webtures family. We wish to see more of the beautiful days in our future collaborations. Thanks Webtures.

Mehmet Güney
General Manager - Yöresel.com

When we made a Google Ads agreement with you, our team consisted of 2 doctors and 1 night doctor, and everyone was doing any kind of task. We are now a team of 3 doctors, 1 night doctor, 1 secretary and 1 caretaker :) I didn't have any doubts when our partnership started and it grows proudly. Thank you to all your team :)

Doruk Demirci
Veterinian - Dorukgiller

From the first day we started to work on SEM, you've become our solution partner with your energetic team guiding us in the right direction. Thank you to all my friends.

Ertuğrul Mıhçıoğlu
General Manager - Exi5.com

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Ads

How much budget should we allocate to ads?

It depends on your budget and your expectations from the ad. We can achieve accurate results by planning in line with your sector and the competition. How much do we pay per click? Each keyword has a different cost-per-click. It varies according to the competition in the sector.

How many keywords can we add?

There is no limit to adding keywords in your Google Ads campaigns. Keyword that are relevant to your sector is chosen to provide you with better conversion.

How can we improve the quality score?

It's best to start by selecting and grouping keywords relevant to your sector. By creating relevant ad texts and directing them to related pages, positive results are seen in increasing the quality score.

Can we get immediate results from ads?

Customers tends to research, research first and decide after. As this varies by sector, we cannot give a clear answer.

How much is your service charge?

The cost of services varies in e-commerce and corporate firms. The prices are fix up until a certain point, further on a commission-based payment is applied.

How much do we pay per click (PPC)?

The cost-per-click of each keyword is different. It changes according to the competition in the sector.

Where will our ads appear?

Together with the Google search network and partners, it appears on Google's contracted websites.

What happens if competitors click on our ads all the time?

Google does not allow malicious ad clicks by using filters (such as the IP protocol). There is no charge for every click from competitors.

Could you define your system when working?

No intermediate panel is used and advertising fees are paid with your company's credit card. Thus, you can see the activities and expenditures transparently.

Can we stop the ads at any time?

There is no standard duration of ad delivery. You can stop your ads at any time and turn them back on later.

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En tant qu'équipe en constante évolution et passionnée par la publicité sur Internet, nous suivons de près l'évolution des processus de semis. Dans ce contexte, nous sommes fiers de détenir les certificats de publicité par recherche, de publicité mobile, de publicité par affichage, de publicité par achat et d'analyse.

Google Adswords - 10


Google Adswords - 10
Google Adswords - 10


Google Adswords - 10



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