Entes Electronics
85% Organic Traffic Increase Achieved

Customer: Entes Elektronik

Sector: Industry

Service: SEO

ENTES Elektronik SEO Process


Rate of Users Visiting the Site


Number of Sessions from Direct Channel


Organic Traffic Increase


Entes Elektronik is a company that serves in many countries with many products and services in the fields of energy management and electronics. Our goals in this SEO campaign we are conducting are as follows;

  • To increase the number of visitors from the organic channel.
  • Rise to first place in target words.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increasing the number of users filling in forms


After the company made the design and technical structure of the site SEO compatible with the consultancy service received from us, we started SEO developments. We followed the following steps respectively:

  • We have fixed the scanning problems on the site.
  • We updated our pages that were weak in terms of content.
  • We have made our website faster.
  • We performed special optimisations for target keywords.


As a result of all the analyses, we achieved success in many KPIs in a short time. Some of these successes are as follows;

  • 85% increase in organic traffic
  • 100% increase in the rate of new users visiting the site
  • 32% increase in the number of sessions from the direct channel

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