4.5-Fold Increase in Organic Traffic

Customer: Papara
Sector: Industry
Service: SEO

Papara SEO Process


5 Month Organic Traffic Increase


Monthly Organic Traffic Increase


Floor Growth in 4-Month Period


We started by targeting 30 keywords in the first place. We created strategies for highly competitive keywords such as “Send Money”. We started our work by first creating relevant pages for the targeted keywords. Afterwards, we identified errors through approximately 100+ SEO criteria within the site and ensured that the errors we identified were eliminated.



Although only 1 month of work was completed in August, we achieved a 20% increase in organic traffic. In September, we achieved 70% growth, and in October and November, we achieved 4.5 times growth compared to the beginning. In a period of 5 months, we managed to increase our organic traffic 4.5 times and move 20 different keywords to the first page.


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