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The Papara 5 Month SEO study resulted in a 4.5 fold increase in organic traffic. The major reasons for this increase were the onpage-side analysis, which optimizes more than 70 SEO criteria to ensure that the site is delivered to a healthy structure.

Papara Website
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Initially, we started our studies by targeting 30 keywords. We have created strategies for highly competitive keywords such as “Para Gönder” (Send Money). We started our work primarily by creating relevant pages for the targeted keywords. Afterwards, we detected errors over 100+ SEO criteria in the site and solve the errors we detected.


Although a 1-month study was completed in August, we achieved a 20% increase in organic traffic. We achieved a growth rate of 70% in September, and 4.5 times in October and November when compared with the beginning. In a period of 5 months, we managed to bring 20 different keywords to the first page by increasing our organic traffic 4.5 times.


Organic Traffic Growth
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TürkMedya Website

After the success achieved by the Akşam Gazetesi, TürkMedya included 13 projects in the work.

Küçükdeveci İnşaat Website

As a result of SEO studies, it has achieved a total of 715% organic traffic growth in the last 1 year.

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