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The Papara 5 Month SEO study resulted in a 4.5 fold increase in organic traffic. The major reasons for this increase were the onpage-side analysis, which optimizes more than 70 SEO criteria to ensure that the site is delivered to a healthy structure.


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Papara SEO Process

We started working on targeting 30 keywords. We started sending money and working on different keywords with different variants.

Our work started by creating targeted pages with relevant keywords. Afterwards, we detected errors on about 100 SEO criteria in the site and corrected a large part of these mistakes.

There was a 20% increase in organic traffic, although the 1 month study was completed in August. Organic traffic grew 4.5 times compared to 70% in October and November in October. In a time as short as 5 months, we brought our organic traffic to 4,5 times and brought 20 different keywords to the first page.

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